GS 106 - Introduction to Physical Geology GS106 is a survey course providing non-science majors a broad background in earth science. No previous science background required. This course introduces the following themes: The scale of the Universe Scientific models Scientific literacy Science is observable Scientific models evolve Nuclear chemistry and physics Earth materials Plate tectonics Global change Energy resources Astronomy Cosmology Course Outcomes: Have an understanding of the basic concepts, processes, and analytical tools related to the study of the universe. Develop experimental skills and knowledge relating to the gathering and interpretation of scientific information. Evaluate and articulate the relevance of atomic science, geology, atmospheric science, and astronomy on personal, local and global levels. Here is a list of materials you will need to purchase ASAP for your labs in this course. For the Mineral Identification Lab in Credit Unit 1 Module 1, you will need: Mineral kit - (Links to an external site.) (Webpage) Glass plate and porcelain plate - (Links to an external site.) (Webpage) For the Rock Identification Lab in Credit Unit 1 Module 2, you will need: Rock kit - (Links to an external site.) (Webpage)