Topic outline

  • Audience

    This program could be part of the foundational math skills for many industry certificates. Students would also benefit from these courses to help them review and prepare for required courses in math that are part of a certificate or degree program. Instructional designers might also consider using this course in their developmental programs.

  • Whole Numbers

    Pre-Algebra Module 1: Whole Numbers includes: Pre-Assessment Module 1 Preassessment Introduction to Whole Numbers Section 1: Order Relations of Whole Numbers Section 2: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers Section 3: Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers Section 4: Order of Operations Section 5: Solve Equations with Whole Numbers Post-Assessment. 

  • Integers

    Students will use properties of integers to solve simple equations and application problems. Includes: Pre-Assessment Integers – Introduction Section 1: Integers and the Number Line Section 2: Operations with Integers Section 3: Order of Operations with Integers Section 4: Solving Linear One Variable Equations Post-Assessment.

  • Fractions

    Pre-Algebra Module 3: Fractions Students will use properties of fractions to solve simple equations and application problems. Module includes: Pre-Assessment Module 3: Introduction Section 1: Factorization Section 2: Fraction Notation Section 3: Fractions Involving Variables Section 4: Multiplication and Division of Fractions Section 5: Solving Equations Involving Multiplication and Division of Fractions Post-Assessment

  • Addition and Subtraction with Fractions

    Pre-Algebra Module 4: Addition and Subtraction with Fractions. Learning Objective: Students will use techniques of finding Least Common Denominators (LCD) in order to add or subtract proper fractions and mixed numbers. Module includes: Pre-Assessment, Module 4: Introduction, Section 1: Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Section 2: Fractions and Order of Operations, Section 3: Equations Involving Fractions, and Post-Assessment. 

  • Decimal Numbers

    Pre-Algebra Module 5: Decimal Numbers. Learning Objective: Students will use place values and powers of 10 to set up and solve simple equations and applications using decimals. Module includes: Pre-Assessment, Module 5: Introduction, Section 1: Decimals and Place Value, Section 2: Basic Arithmetic Operations with Decimals, Section 3: Scientific Notation, Section 4: Solving Linear Equations, and Post-Assessment.

  • Real Numbers

    Pre-Algebra Module 6: Real Numbers includes: Pre-Assessment, Module 6: Introduction, Section 1: Radical Expressions, Section 2: Comparing Real Numbers, Section 3: Properties of Real Numbers, Section 4: Polynomials in Multi-Variables, Post-Assessment. 

  • Measurement and Proportion

    Pre-Algebra Module 7: Measurement and Proportion includes: Pre-Assessment, Module 7: Introduction, Section 1: Ratios and Proportion, Section 2: English Standard System of Measurement, Section 3: Metric System of Measurement, Section 4: Converting Measurements Between Systems of Measurement, Section 5: Variation, Post-Assessment.

  • Percent

    Pre-Algebra Module 8: Percent includes: Pre-Assessment, Module 8: Introduction, Section 1: Introduction to Percents, Section 2: Basic Percent Equations, Section 3: Percent Increase, Decrease, Mark-up, and Discount, Section 4: Simple Interest, Post-Assessment.