PA1 Assignment – Define Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is a term that has become increasingly popular with the rise of technology. But what is precision agriculture? Precision agriculture is like a large puzzle; made up of many different pieces; with individual technologies within it, but the larger picture is focused on helping farmers to break their fields into smaller portions and areas to manage each portion of the field individually.

Readings and Resources:  

Read and review:


After reviewing the readings, research Precision Agriculture then create your definition of Precision Agriculture. Be sure to include the 5 areas discussed in the presentation.

The assignment must:

    • Contains 10 or more paragraphs
    • Discuss what is Precision Ag?
    • How does it impact agriculture’s future?
    • How will it change the practices in their area of interest: farming, ranching, horticulture, etc.?
    • How are you using it in your work or home?
    • Demonstrates excellent critical thinking skills through multiple examples and ideas.

After completing the questions; save the file with (your initials_Assignment_Unit 5_1) and submit the assignment by the due date listed in the Course Calendar.

This assignment has a point value of:  20 points