PA2 Assignment - What is GPS?

GPS allows us to use technology inn a variety of ways in the agricultural field.  Students will learn about navigating online maps and applying fundamental geographic knowledge.

Readings and Resources:  

Read and review:


After reviewing the readings on GPS - Research online and define “What is GPS and how is it used in Agriculture?”

The assignment must:

    • Define “What is GPS and how is it used in Agriculture?” including the 4 systems where GPS is used in agriculture; what environmental factors may affect the GPS signal and what is DGPS?
    • Fully addresses all aspects of the question.
    • Demonstrates excellent critical thinking skills through multiple examples and ideas.

After completing the questions; save the file with (your initials_Assignment_Unit 5_2) and submit the assignment by the due date listed in the Course Calendar.

This assignment has a point value of:  20 points