Introduction to Pharmacology-Course Requirements & Syllabus

Exam Policy


Students are expected to be present for all examinations. A student who fails to notify the professor of an absence in advance of the quiz or examination will receive a grade of zero for that quiz or examination.

**If you miss an exam, you will lose 10 points of the exam grade unless there are unusual emergent circumstances preventing you from being in class. This will need to be discussed with the instructor ahead of time.

Students who miss a quiz or examination must make up the quiz or examination prior to the next time the class is scheduled to meet or within a period of one week. During an exam, any discussion among students or sharing of any information once the exam begins will be considered an infraction of the Honor Code.

During all examinations, students must leave all materials (notebooks, PDA’s, cell phones, papers, hats and jackets, etc.) away from examination area.

Once a student begins an exam, he/she must complete the exam during the examination period. If a student leaves the exam session before completing the exam, the faculty member will grade the student on the work completed during that exam period only. The only exception would be a medical emergency that occurs during the exam. Any student suspected of giving or receiving information during an examination will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee in accordance with the University’s Academic Regulations