Introduction to Pharmacology-Course Requirements & Syllabus

. Professional Behavior and Attendance Responsibilities

Students are responsible for developing and demonstrating professional behavior. The classroom and learning environments are all considered professional settings. Therefore, the following behaviors are expected indicators of professional standards of conduct:

1. Have fun; laugh-learning is enhanced when you are in a good place.

2. Act with civility at all times.

3. Attending each class.

4. Arriving on time for each class.

5. Being well prepared for each class.

6. Participating in the learning experience for the entire scheduled period.

7. Being attentive to and respective of peers and classmates discussing questions, cases or issues raised during class.

8. Notifying the professor well in advance in the unusual circumstance that you will be unable to attend class, laboratory, or are unable to meet the requirements of the learning experience.

9. Being respectful of all CCV staff, college advisors and agency staff.

10. Participating actively in own learning by identifying areas of weakness and seeking out assistance from support services offered on campus and on-line.

11. Maintaining a safe environment.

12. For Discussions on-line: Remember “tone” when conversing on-line. Please do not use texting abbreviations, please think before you hit send.

Attendance Policy: Regular attendance and participation in classes are essential components of a student's success in college and are completion requirements for courses at CCV. Please be aware that missing more than three (3) classes will result in a non-satisfactory grade. A pattern of late arrival or early departure in classroom settings will constitute absence at the instructor's discretion and may impact your grade.