Module 3 Introduction: (CU1 M3) Geologic Time

The story of Earth’s history is written in the various rock layers and intrusions we find uncovered on the surface of Earth and hidden underground. Geologic time has been disseminated by geologists through several techniques, including relative and absolute dating. A basic understanding of these techniques can help one better unravel the events in geologic history that make up the natural world. In this Module you will learn about the principles of relative dating, the laboratory techniques of absolute dating, and how these are applied to better understand the history of the Earth.

Module Outcomes:

  • Simulate radioactive decay and be able to analyse the resulting data.

  • Understand the basic principles of  relative dating and how to apply them to an outcrop.

  • Understand radioactive decay of isotopes and how this decay is used to date geologic materials.

  • Understand half-life and how different types of isotopes have different half-lives.
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