Credit Unit 3 Introduction

Credit Unit 3 Introduction- Credit Unit 3: Groundwater, Rivers and Oceans

This Credit Unit, focuses mainly on water including the work and movement of river and the various processes at work in the ocean. This Credit Unit focuses on understanding how water acts as an erosive agent on the continents and how water behaves when it is in the larger bodies of the ocean. To fully understand how these two bodies of water differ we will look at the sediments and landforms related to rivers, the formation of oceans and related landforms, and finally the currents that form and flow on the surface and in the deep ocean.

Credit Unit Outcomes:

  • Have an understanding of the basic concepts, processes, and analytical tools related to the study of the Earth, specifically plate tectonics and earthquakes.

  • Develop experimental skills and knowledge relating to the gathering and interpretation of scientific information; expressly plate tectonic movements, relation of earthquakes and volcanic activity data to plate tectonics, and the use of seismograms to understand the location and magnitude of an earthquake.

  • Evaluate and articulate the importance of tectonics as it pertains to populations close to plate boundaries and smaller-scale faults.

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