Module 4 Lecture Outline

Module 4 Lecture OutlineCNC Setup and Program Exedution

  • CNC Setup:

    • Define the location of the G-54 (what holding device will you be using; Vice, jig, plate, pin, hole, etc.)
    • Define the origin of the G-54, (Edge-find the part or vice; sweep a hole or a pin) this origin will be your X=0, Y=0.
    • Load the tool carousel in order of operation (Tool 1 = operation 1, Tool 2 = operation 2, etc.)
    • Set Z0 of all tooling from the top of the part
    • Double check the workspace for collisions and, there is enough travel in all directions to machine the part.
    • Upload G-code
    • It is recommended to reduce all rapid traverse and feed rates prior to running the part. Once you are sure that the program is running properly, then increases feed rates.
    • Check coolant reservoir prior to executing the program.
    • Run the part and inspect it after it is complete; make needed offsets and fine tune the program as necessary.

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