In this course, students will be presented with an overview of entrepreneurship. This course includes the entrepreneurial process and the skills required to be successful. Note: Companion courses (EPS150AA Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Process & Skills for Starting and Planning a Business and EPS150AC Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Managing a Business) bookend this sequence of topics to include starting, planning, and managing a business.

Introduction to marketing concepts and the application to the process of marketing products, services, and ideas to provide value and benefits to both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Students will develop an understanding of the marketing process, analyze marketing opportunities, and develop strategies to fulfill the needs of target markets.

In the Be the Boss - Starting Your Own Business course, you will be guided through a series of five modules that cover the key functional areas of owning a business. At the end of the course, you will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge through the generation of your own Business Plan. The five course modules include: Getting Started (Intro to Entrepreneurship), Legal Considerations, Financial Considerations, Marketing Your Business, and Developing a Business Plan. The business plan templates available in Module 5 include an editable document for writing a business plan and an editable workbook for estimating Profit and Loss, a Balance Sheet, a Cash Flow Statement and other financial questions. These documents are available separately in this course submission. Following the completion of this course, there is a companion capstone course - Introduction to the Energy Business, available in a separate submission (

OA 110 - Business English Student will review basic grammar fundamentals, with an emphasis on proofreading and editing skills. Course Outcomes: Analyze sentence structures to identify parts of speech and their roles in a sentence. Use appropriate English syntax in writing. Apply standard editing rules to a variety of sentences. Use correct English grammar in business writing.

OA 125 - Formatting and Skillbuilding You will create and correctly format business documents including memos, letters, tables, and reports using word processing software. Student will also diagnose and correct keying deficiencies through prescribed drills leading to improved speed and accuracy while keying by touch. Student will input by touch 10-key and top-row numeric data. Workstation health and safety will be emphasized. Course Outcomes: Demonstrate proper keyboarding technique and ergonomic principles. Demonstrate improved speed and accuracy of touch typing. Apply proofreading skills and formatting guidelines to produce business documents.