Introduces various quantitative computational procedures used in accounting and finance. A survey of concepts in algebra, logical structure, numeration systems and statistics designed to acquaint students with mathematical reasoning and to develop logical thinking to assist students in making personal and business decisions. Topics applying business calculations include banking, accounting, discounts, markups and markdowns, payroll, interest, annuities, amortization.

In the Be the Boss - Starting Your Own Business course, you will be guided through a series of five modules that cover the key functional areas of owning a business. At the end of the course, you will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge through the generation of your own Business Plan. The five course modules include: Getting Started (Intro to Entrepreneurship), Legal Considerations, Financial Considerations, Marketing Your Business, and Developing a Business Plan. The business plan templates available in Module 5 include an editable document for writing a business plan and an editable workbook for estimating Profit and Loss, a Balance Sheet, a Cash Flow Statement and other financial questions. These documents are available separately in this course submission. Following the completion of this course, there is a companion capstone course - Introduction to the Energy Business, available in a separate submission (