About This Course

Solar Thermal Systems explores the technologies used in heating with solar energy. The course will cover making, distributing and installing solar thermal systems. Specific systems include flat-plate collection, evacuated tube design, concentrated collection and photovoltaic / solar thermal combined systems. Topics with incorporating hydronic systems to the build will be included. Lab activities will include proper set up and installing solar thermal systems, measure energy usage and controlling solar thermal systems. Please note that all course materials and content are provided in the IMS Common Cartridge (IMSCC) format. The content can be accessed by opening the IMSCC file using your organization's Learning Management System application (these include Blackboard, D2L, Canvas etc.). Additional information about accessing Common Cartridge files can be found on the IMS Global Web site: http://www.imsglobal.org/cc. Future plans for the Skills Commons Web site include a feature that will allow users to view and download course content that is provided in the IMSCC format. Please refer to the "Enabling Others to Reuse Your Materials” page for more information: http://support.taaccct.org/enabling-reuse/.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Solar Thermal Components
  • Basic Solar Thermal Terminology
  • Solar Thermal generation using Flat Plate Collection
  • Solar Thermal generation using Evacuated Tube Design
  • Solar Thermal Site Assessment
  • Solar Thermal Distribution Systems Pump Technologies and Implementation
  • Water Usage and Measurements
  • Current Trends in Solar Thermal Systems
  • Future Trends in Solar Thermal Systems

Course Materials Included:

  • Syllabus
  • Reading assignments
  • Practice exercises
  • Online discussions
  • Assignments
  • Lab Assignments
  • Exams

Estimated Time to Complete Course:

16 weeks, one traditional college semester

Credential Type:

Associate Degree

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