Lab: (U1 M3) SimBio Virtual Lab Isle Royale

"Isle Royale" is a virtual Lab simulation that explores the impact of carrying capacity, predator-prey relationships, and changes in weather patterns on the health of a moose population that inhabits a small isolated island in Lake Michigan. This Lab simulation is based on a real life study of an intrepid herd of moose that populated the island in the early 1900s. After living on the island for many years with no predators or competition from other species, a small pack of wolves made it to the island and altered the living conditions for the moose, with some surprising results! 

You will need two additional resources to complete this lab activity:

If you have not already done so, please download the SimBio software (Google Doc).  Your task is to complete the first three exercises in the Lab simulations:

  1. Exercise 1: The Moose Arrive
  2. Exercise 2: The Wolves Arrive
  3. Exercise 3: Changes in Weather

You are not required to complete anything beyond exercises 1 - 3 within the software.

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