Module 2 Introduction: (U2 M2) Nutrient Cycles

In the last Module we examined the role of energy in an ecosystem. Recall the phrase introduced in the last Lecture, “Energy Flows and Nutrients Cycle.” We saw how energy takes a one way path through a food web, and that energy constantly has to be replenished. Nutrients on the other hand are easily recycled, and follow a reoccurring cycle in and out of an ecosystem. You will learn the details of four major nutrients in this Module: Carbon, Nitrogen, Water, and Phosphorus. 

Module Outcomes:

  • Name the key biotic and abiotic factors that might shape an ecosystem, why a particular ecosystem might occur in a particular place, and describe how one might go about studying the ecosystem and the factors shaping it.

  • Describe human impacts on our environment and populations of organisms.

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