Activity: (U3 M3) Human Inheritance Practice Worksheets

The key to learning the topics in this Module is practice, practice, practice! Below you will find 2 worksheets that will give you practice working genetics problems, completing and interpreting Punnett squares, and predicting offspring probabilities. It is recommended that you print out these worksheets to fill out by hand:

On the next page you will find links to answer keys for each of these worksheets. This will enable you to check your answers, and make sure you are going through each problem correctly. You should pay close attention to whether you are using the correct annotation, understand the variety of inheritance patterns introduced in the Module, and correctly interpreting the data you gain from the Punnett squares. These keys are supplied to you because the best way to absorb this information is to be able to check immediately whether you are doing them correctly. It is not useful to you to complete an entire problem set and wait for feedback from your Assessment Evaluator simply to find out that you were doing it incorrectly all along. You can and should check your answers as you go, and make any necessary adjustments to your knowledge base as you go. You might also find it useful to work through these problem sets a couple of times before advancing to the Lab, which will provide the opportunity to gain more practice and receive feedback from your Assessment Evaluator.

It is absolutely essential that you work through these problem sets in the spirit in which they are intended. You will not be able to grasp the concepts by simply downloading the key and looking at someone else’s work. The Competency Assessment for this Module will have very similar questions and story problems, and you will struggle to complete them without plenty of practice first. The Credit Unit 3 Assessment will also have questions such as these problem sets. So while you will have plenty of time to process and absorb the questions in the practice worksheets and Module Competency Assessment, the Credit Unit Assessment will be timed, with limited attempts. You risk not passing the Credit Unit 3 Assessment by not spending time with these worksheets and discussing any problems or points of confusion with your Content Expert.

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