Lab: (U4 M3) Tabletop Lab- Population Genetics

In this Lab, you will gain practice working with Hardy–Weinberg equations to calculate allele and genotype frequencies in a variety of scenarios. Explore how natural selection acts or does not act on different traits and learn the relationship between dominant alleles and those that are common in a population. The math involved in population genetics can be difficult to wrap one’s head around. Therefore, the Self-check you will complete after finishing the Lab will give you a chance to make sure you performed the questions correctly whereas the Competency Assessment will test your understanding of the results and analysis of these calculations. So be sure to follow the directions carefully. You will need one document to complete this Lab:

Tabletop Lab – Population Genetics (Google Doc)

It is recommended that you print out the above Lab (link) and record your data and answer the analysis questions by hand as you complete the Lab. The Lab is not to be turned in or graded. You do not need any supplies for the Lab other than a calculator that has a square root function, but you will be collecting data from 24 individuals. For this reason, it is recommended that you start collecting data before you begin the Lab.


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