Module 1 Introduction: (CU4 M1) Atmosphere

Welcome to Credit Unit 4 Module 1: Atmosphere

Earth is special in that is has a very livable atmosphere; it's not to harsh, and not too cold. In fact, it's just right. This is due to some very specific processes that take place in the atmosphere and in the composition. Therefore, it is essential that we understand how our atmosphere works for us. In this Module you will learn about the processes the layers of the atmosphere and their related characteristics, the ozone layer and its importance to the Biosphere, the greenhouse effect and its importance, and the various properties of gases found in the atmosphere.

Module Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate ability to identify major layers of the atmosphere and the composition of each.

  • Understand the basic concepts of the greenhouse effect, the properties of greenhouse gases, and the various anthropogenic sources of the greenhouse gases.

  • Understand the importance of the greenhouse effect, ozone layer, and the other properties of the atmosphere.
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