Assignment: Chapter 12 Exercises


Please refer to the textbook for information that may help you complete these exercises.

Exercise 12-1:Handling Interruptions

Engage in a conversation with a classmate about the best way to take notes in class. Have the other classmate interrupt you several times. Practice handling the interruption in an adult, mature manner. What did you say to that person?

Exercise 12-2: Identify Harassment

What kind of behavior have you exhibited that could be construed as harassing?

How can you change your behavior or attitude to ensure that no one is offended by or could misinterpret your behavior as inappropriate?

Exercise 12-3:Identify Violations

1. Whose rights were violated in the previous story regarding Katie, John, and the tattoo? Justify your answer.

2. If you were Katie, how would you have handled the situation differently?

3. If you were John, what would you have done differently?

Exercise 12-4: Resolving Issues

Identify grudges you have held or people you need to forgive. Make a point of resolving one of those issues within the next week.