Course Syllabus

An editable Word version of the current course syllabus can be found in the link above.

Some items in the syllabus will need to be modified to reflect the following:
  • your contact information (Syllabus)
  • reference number (Syllabus)
  • withdrawal deadline (Syllabus)
  • late work policy (Syllabus)
  • week and due dates (Syllabus & Calendar of Activities)
To add your revised syllabus: 
  • After you have edited the Word document, save it as a PDF.
  • Go to the Syllabus section of the course. Make sure you have editing turned on.
  • You are encouraged to add your photo and to personalize the Welcome message at the top.
  • To add the syllabus file, go to "Build Content" and select "File." Browse your computer to find the PDF version of the syllabus and press "Submit". Now students will be able to download the PDF version of the syllabus!
If there is already a syllabus file link on the Syllabus page, you can click the arrows next to the link to EDIT it. Click on "Select a Different File" to browse your computer for the current syllabus PDF. Press "Submit" at the bottom of the page to update the link.


Last modified: Friday, 26 August 2016, 1:23 PM