Mental Health

Mental Health


In this module we will study the various mental health components.  We will look at normal health patterns as well as abnormal mental health issues that we may see in our nursing practice.  Some of the areas we will study will be the mental health continuum, how the personality develops according to Freud and Erikson's theories, how stress and anxiety affect us and using defense mechanisms to cope.


On completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the mental health continuum.
  • Compare Freud and Erickson's theories of personality development.
  • Recognize stress and anxiety.
  • Recall the normal use of defense mechanisms and identify adaptations of these mechanisms when ill.
  • Recognize stages of mental illness behavior and common behaviors seen.
  • Identify components of a nursing assessment that focuses on mental health status.
  • Identify nursing interventions to the client experiencing mental health illness or crisis.

Reading and Resources

Please read the following pages:

Chapter 41

deWit, Susan C.  Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing


  • Complete: Readings and Resources
  • Post and reply in: Mental Health Discussion


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