Nursing Procedures

Nursing Procedures


This module is a continuation of the nursing care and skills introduced in the pre-requisite course Basic Healthcare Worker.  This module focuses on fundamental nursing procedures and skills necessary for safe practice for the practical nurse in accordance with the Florida Nurse Practice Act and the guidelines of the Florida Department of Education curriculum. 


Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Assist with physical examination; assist the RN with patient assessments; perform neurological checks
  • Change clean dressing; apply hot and cold applications; apply bandage, binders, brace, and splints
  • Assist patient with sitz bath; irrigate ear, eye, nasogastric tube, vaginal canal, wound, oral cavity, and colostomy
  • Apply pelvic belt for traction, cervical collar; care for patient in skin and skeletal traction; clean pin and tong site; logroll patient
  • Measure urine specific gravity; obtain urine specimen by clean catch, in and out catheterization, and indwelling catheter; irrigate indwelling urinary catheter; maintain continuous urinary bladder irrigation; insert and remove indwelling urinary catheter.
  • Test stool for occult blood; give enema, change ostomy appliance; connect nasogastric tube to suction machine; remove nasogastric tube; administer gavage feeding and maintain enteral feeding tubes
  • Administer and maintain oxygen; instruct patient in breathing exercises; set up vaporizer/humidifier/nebulizer; perform naso-oral-pharyngeal suction; perform tracheostomy care; monitor chest drainage system
  • Obtain and test a drop of blood for glucose monitoring
  • Assist patient with diagnostic procedures; monitor patient following special procedures (eg. IVP, Myelogram, MRI, CAT scan
  • Perform calculation and adjust IV flow rate.
  • Observe intravenous infusion and report signs of adverse reactions
  • Inspect insertion site, change dressing and remove IV needle or catheter from peripheral veins
  • Hang bags or bottles of hydrating fluid
  • Provide postmortem care

Readings and Resources

Please read the following pages:

Chapter 15 pp. 204-207,

Chapter 28,

Chapter 29,

Chapter 30,

Chapter 38,

Chapter 39 pp. 809-831.

deWit, Susan C. Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing


  • Complete: Reading and Resources
  • Practice skills in the nursing skills lab.
  • Students will be signed off for performance and competency by the clinical instructors.
  • Complete Exam - Nursing Procedures


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