Module 1 Introduction: (U1 M1) Organization and Chemistry of Life

In the first Module of the course, you will get a brief overview of the topics that will be covered throughout the course. First, you will look at how life is organized, gain an understanding of what life is, and a brief introduction to the processes of evolution, which, ultimately, will be the culminating lessons of BI 102. You will explore the basic building blocks of a cell, starting at the smallest level, the subatomic particles. The learning material will successively step up in complexity to look at how subatomic particles interact to make atoms, and then how atoms interact to make up molecules by creating bonds.

Module Outcomes:

  • Describe the various biological levels of organization (chemical, cellular… biosphere), how the levels relate to one another, and how the properties of life (organization, adaptation, reproduction, exchange of matter and energy, etc.) relate to each level.

  • Explain how basic principles of chemistry (bonding, polarity, etc.) determine the structure and function of biological molecules.


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