Lab: (U1 M1) Tabletop Lab- Reese’s Pieces Atoms and Paper Molecules

In the course work presented thus far in the Module, you have had the opportunity to put pencil to paper, work with virtual atoms and molecules, and study several examples in the text and Lectures. This Lab gives you a hands-on experience to build upon what you have learned and completed so far. You will gain more practice in this Lab by working with subatomic particles and stepping it up a notch by constructing more complex molecules using Reese’s Pieces candy and paper dots. Covalent, ionic, and hydrogen bonding will be covered, as well as isotopes and the nature of polar molecules. You will need one document to complete this Lab:

Tabletop Lab – Reese’s Pieces Atoms and  Paper Molecules (Google Doc)

It is recommended that you print out the above Lab (link) and record your data and answer the analysis questions by hand as you complete the Lab. This Lab is not to be turned in or graded.

This Lab requires several "at home" supplies. Be sure to have these on hand when you are ready to start:

  • One extra-large package of Reese’s Pieces or other objects that come in 3 different colors. If you have a peanut or other food allergy, or prefer to use materials other than candy, you can use marbles, small poker chips, dried beans, or any other small objects, as long as they come in 3 different colors. You will need approximately 20 objects in each color.

  • Four different colors of construction paper, 1 – 2 sheets of each color. You can also use plain notebook paper and color them using colored markers or pencils.

  • A single-hole punch, to make small circle cut outs from the construction paper.

  • 1 sheet of plain notebook paper, to build your atom models on.

  • Scissors

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