Module 2 Introduction: (U1 M2) Water and Macromolecules

In the first Module, you learned about how molecules are made, and in this Module you will examine the major molecules of the cell. Water is by far the most important molecule to life, having many unique chemical features that are essential to supporting life sustaining processes. Aside from water, you will also look at the four major classes of macromolecules that will reoccur throughout the course. Macromolecules are very large, sometimes having hundreds of atoms in their structure. You will not be required to build these molecules, but the goal of this Module is to achieve a solid understanding of their structure, function, and purpose.

Module Outcomes:

  • Describe how biological molecules shape the structure and function of cells and organisms.

  • Given a common organism, tissue, or biological material, describe the major chemicals that determine its structure and function.

  • Perform the appropriate experiments to analyze biological materials.


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