Lecture Materials: (U1 M2) Crash Course in Biology

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It can be difficult to conceptualize ideas that cannot be seen with the naked eye. When you can’t touch or see the objects you are studying, such as molecules, making real connections to these intangibles are problematic. Fortunately, there are an infinite number of Internet resources to help you make these connections. One fantastic resource is a YouTube channel called Crash Course. Here you can find fun and interesting educational video shorts on a variety of topics, including biology and chemistry. In this Activity, you will watch 2 of these videos, one looking at the amazing properties of water and one on the biological molecules you were introduced to in the Lecture Materials.

As you watch these Videos you will complete the Crash Course Video Guide, linked below, answering questions as you view the Videos, as well as answering some application questions after each Video. As you view the Videos, it is recommended that you pause the playback as you answer questions, and think about what you learned. There is so much good information in these Videos, you don’t want to miss a second of it!

Crash Course Biology Video Guide worksheet (Google Doc)

It is recommended that you print out and answer the analysis questions by hand as you complete the Activity. This video guide is not to be turned in or graded. There will be questions on the Unit Assessment regarding these Videos.





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