Lab: (U2 M1) Tabletop Lab - Diffusion, Osmosis, and French Fries

Tabletop Lab – Diffusion, Osmosis, and French Fries instructions:

The most experienced and knowledgeable chefs create amazing recipes but often misunderstand the chemistry behind the processes that are included in their recipes. In this Lab, you get the chance to determine whether one particular chef knows the chemistry explained in his recipe for French fries!

In this extensive Lab, you will perform a series of experiments that will investigate diffusion and osmosis and learn how to apply these concepts to everyday scenarios. You will need to set up an experiment to incubate overnight, and then perform two additional experiments while waiting to collect results. The culmination of all three experiments will allow you to test and apply what you know about membrane transport. This is quite a lengthy Lab, and thus, the Competency Assessment will rely heavily on your successful completion and analysis of these experiments, so be sure to follow the directions carefully. You will need one document to complete this Lab:

Tabletop Lab – Diffusion, Osmosis, and French Fries (Google Doc)

It is recommended that you print out the above Lab (link) and record your data and answer the analysis questions by hand as you complete the Lab. This Lab is not to be turned in or graded.

In addition to the French fries you prepared and soaked overnight, you will need to obtain the following "at home" supplies before you begin this Lab:

  • Clean tap or bottled water. Tap water should work just fine, but if you are concerned about the purity of your tap water, approximately 2 quarts of distilled water is recommended.

  • Several small, clear containers. Drinking glasses or small Tupperware containers will work nicely. These will be used in various places throughout the lab.

  • 1-cup liquid measuring cup, with mL measurements.

  • 3-cup liquid measuring cup or a large bowl that can hold at least 3 cups of water.

  • Small kitchen scale, capable of gram measurements.

  • Paper towels

  • Kitchen funnel, this in not absolutely necessary, but will help prevent spills.

  • ~20 inches of dialysis tubing, you will most likely need to purchase this on the internet.

  • White granulated sugar

  • 6 small segments of thread or dental floss

  • 3 different colors of food coloring

  • 2% iodine tincture, easily found in the first aid section of your local grocery store or pharmacy.

  • 1 TBSP and ¼ TSP measuring spoons

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