Activity: (U2 M2) Crash Course and Virtual LabBench: Energy and Enzymes

Crash Course and Virtual LabBench: Energy and Enzymes instructions

Energy is a difficult concept to wrap your head around, simply because although scientists can describe why it is fundamental to biological systems, how it goes from potential to kinetic, and where in the universe it can be stored or transferred, they don’t really know what it is. To explore a little more in depth the things we do know about energy, you will watch another installment in the Crash Course YouTube Videos.



For a transcript of this Video go here: Transcript (Google Doc)

As you watch the Video you will complete the first part of the Activity guide:

Crash Course and Virtual LabBench Activity Guide (Google Doc)

You should answer questions as you view the Video, as well as answering some application questions after viewing the Video. As you view the Video, it is recommended that you pause the playback as you answer questions, and think about what you learned. There is some good information in this Video, and you don’t want to miss a second of it!

In the second part of the Activity, you will you will explore some basic principles of molecular movement and how enzymes catalyze chemical reactions. Not only will you review some concepts presented in the Reading and Lecture Material, but you will also get to see how an experiment that looks at enzyme reactions might be carried out in a chemistry lab. The virtual Lab can be found at the following link:

Enzyme Catalysis (Webpage)

As you work through the virtual Lab, answer the questions in part 2 of the Activity guide. It is recommended that you print out this worksheet and answer the questions by hand as you complete the Lab. This Activity guide is not to be turned in or graded. However, there will be questions on the Credit Unit Assessment regarding this Video and Lab.

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