Materials: (U2 M2) Materials List

Before you begin this Module, you will need to acquire to following items:

Tabletop Lab – Toothpickase and Lactase

  • 375 flat plain toothpicks

  • 25 colored flat toothpicks, if you cannot find colored toothpicks, you can color them yourself using a marker.

  • 1 large bowl of tap water

  • Ice, enough to fill your large bowl with ice water mixture.

  • White, granulated sugar

  • Kitchen scale, capable of gram measurements.

  • 2 liquid measuring cups, with mL measurements.

  • Stopwatch

  • 1 small sauce pan, to boil a small amount of liquid on the stovetop or hot plate.

  • 2 Lactase tablets such as Lactaid, easily found in your local grocery store or pharmacy.

  • Glucose tablets, easily found in in your local pharmacy, typically located near diabetic supplies.

  • Glucose urine test strips, you may be able to find these at your local pharmacy, but many pharmacies don’t stock these anymore. You may have to order them online.

  • 7 small cups, small juice cups or disposable Dixie cups would work well.

  • Masking tape, to label your small cups.

  • 1 and ½ teaspoon measuring spoons

  • 6 stirring rods, toothpicks will work nicely.

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