Module 1 Introduction: (U4 M1) DNA to Protein

Now that you have explored how genes and chromosomes work, looked at inheritance patterns, and understand how the expression of genes can affect an organism, it is time to take a step back and look at the molecule of heredity, the DNA molecule. In this Module, you will have the chance to look closely at how structure of a DNA molecule relates to function of the molecule, and the process of going from a DNA sequence to production of proteins in a cell. You will also get the chance to extract DNA right in your own kitchen!

Module Outcomes:

  • Describe in simple terms some of the major techniques of DNA technology, their products and uses, and describe applications of DNA technology in various fields

  • Explain how basic principles of chemistry (bonding, polarity, etc.) determine the structure and function of biological molecules.

  • In simple terms, describe the genome, explain the mechanisms by which a gene determines the structure of a protein, how proteins shape phenotype.


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