Activity: (U4 M1) DNA to Protein Sequencing Worksheet

As with the genetics practice problems in the previous Module, this Activity gives you the opportunity to practice applying what you know, with immediate access to the answer key to check your answers. The document linked below has several DNA sequences that you will practice replicating, transcribing into RNA, and translating into a protein.

This file is a PDF, so you will need to print it and fill it in by hand. Also like the genetics practice problems, you should complete this Activity in the spirit in which it is intended, and work the practice problems multiple times to get comfortable with the process. It is easy to make simple mistakes when you are under stress of time limits, as you will be on the Credit Unit Assessment. The more you practice the process of replication, transcription, and translation, the less likely you will make mistakes or get confused on the Credit Unit Assessment. Be sure to check your answers to make sure you are doing each step correctly. If your sequences do not match those in the answer key, be sure that you find your mistakes and adjust your process accordingly. In the Module and Credit Unit Assessments you will lose minimal points for clerical errors, i.e. getting the process correct, or unintentionally misplacing 1 or 2 letters in the DNA/RNA sequences. You will lose significant points if your protein sequence is incorrect because of a misunderstanding in the process.

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