Lecture Materials: (U4 M2) Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

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Marking the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, The Tree of Life, a documentary about his life, shows how Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution and explores its ramifications in today’s scientific community. Renowned natural history interpreter David Attenborough travels the globe, examining fresh evidence for Darwinian thought and illustrating why it is more relevant than ever. Viewers encounter findings from a wide range of disciplines, including paleontology, biogeography, anatomy, and embryology, as well as early controversies surrounding the study of plate tectonics. Spectacular wildlife footage reveals fascinating animal behavior and helps depict the theory that changed the world’s thinking. This is a BBC/Open University Coproduction. (52 minutes)

As you view the film, answer the questions in Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life Video Guide (Google Doc) to consider the evidence that supports the theory of evolution.

It is recommended that you print this video guide and answer the analysis questions by hand as you watch the Video. This video guide is not to be turned in or graded. There will be questions on the Unit Assessment regarding this Video. 

If the Video does not appear, check to see if a pop up blocker is keeping you from viewing it. Typically, it appears as a shield in the right hand corner up by the close button (red x). Click on the shield, click on "load unsafe script", click on "Done", and the Video will appear.

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