Principles of Infection Control

Principles of Infection Control


This module will cover the principle of infection control. The student will look at and discuss how and why a patient needs to be in isolation. The student will discover how to utilize personal protective gear such as gloves, gowns, masks, etc. There will also be a skills check off by your clinical instructor so that he/she is able to verify your ability to properly don the equipment. In addition, the student will learn how to initiate isolation, obtain specimens and provide for the patient’s emotional needs while in an isolation situation.


Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to apply the nursing process to the following objectives:

  • Put on and remove personal protective equipment.
  • Collect specimen from isolated patient.
  • Demonstrate procedures for initiating isolation, including care and disposal of equipment and supplies.
  • Review standard precautions and body substance isolation (BSI) and describe characteristics of a client's condition that would require using each.
  • Explain emotional needs and reinforce client's understanding of reasons requiring isolation.

Reading and Resources

Please read: Chapter 17, Pages: 234-237, deWit, Susan C. Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing

Suggested Readings

Benson, S., & Powers, J. (2011). Your role in infection prevention. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! 9(3), 36-41.

Davenport, A., & Myers, F. (2009). How to protect yourself after body fluid exposure. Nursing, 39(5), 23-29.


  • Complete Nursing Skills
    Apply personal protective equipment, i.e; gloves, gown, mask, etc.
  • Post Discussion - Infection Control


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