Medical and Surgical Asepsis

Medical and Surgical Asepsis


In this module the student will learn about the principles of medical and surgical asepsis. The student will look at and discuss how and why a patient may need a sterile dressing. The student will discover how to open sterile supplies, apply sterile gloves and gown, maintain a sterile field and perform a sterile dressing change. There will be a skills check off by your clinical instructor so that he/she is able to verify your ability to properly utilize sterile technique.


Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to apply the nursing process to the following objectives:

  • Apply principles of medical and surgical asepsis.
  • Apply and remove sterile gloves and gown.
  • Apply sterile dressing and a sterile wet-to-dry dressing.
  • Open sterile equipment and supplies.
  • Maintain sterile field.
  • Clean and disinfect equipment.

Reading and Resources 

Chapter 16, Pages 209 -232, deWit, Susan C. Fundamental Concepts and Skills for Nursing


  • Perform Nursing Skills for Performance Checkoff
  • Post to Discussion - Medical & Surgical Asepsis.
  • Complete Exam - Medical & Surgical Asepsis.
  • Perform these Nursing Skills and acquire performance checkoff
    • Sterile gloves and gown.
    • Opening sterile supplies and solutions
    • Maintain sterile field
    • Applying sterile dressing
    • Applying wet to dry dressing 


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