Lecture Materials: (CU4 M1) The Nervous System

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Below are additional materials that you may choose to review to further understand the prior Reading.

Please review the following instructor created content. This is the content from the chapter that the instructor felt was most relevant to you as you gain an understanding of the male reproductive system and the terminology associated with it.

Please review the following instructor created content. 

Transcript for “Neuron Structure” (Google Doc)

Transcript for “Neuron Coding” (Google Doc)

Transcript for "Neuron Synapse" (Google Doc)

Transcript for "Understanding Epilepsy (Epilepsy #1)" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "What is Multiple Sclerosis" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "What is Myasthenia Gravis?" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "How Parkinson's Disease Affects the Body -- The Doctors" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "Derm TV - Shingles - Herpese Zoster [DermTV Epi #425]" (Google Doc)

Transcript for "Managing Meningitis - Mayo Clinic" (Google Doc) 

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