Lecture Materials: (CU4 M2) The Blood and Lymphatic Systems

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Below are additional materials that you may choose to review to further understand the prior Reading.

Please review the following instructor created content. Pay particular attention to this content because this has been developed by the instructor as a way to share with you the most important aspects of the chapter.

Please review the following instructor created content.

Transcript for "The Lymphatic System-Part 1" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "Humoral Immune Response" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "Immune System - Natural Killer Cells" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "B-cells 1 - What are Antibodies?" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "When HIV becomes AIDS (HIV #2)" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "Medical School - Coagulation Cascade" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "Pernicious Anemia" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "Hemophilia Presentation" (Google Doc) 

Transcript for "Chronic Myeloid Leukemia" (Google Doc) 

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