This is an introductory course for CNC machinery. Students will develop safe working habits and calculate machine speeds and feeds of milling machines and lathes. They will study the Cartesian coordinate system, absolute and incremental positioning, and datum and delta dimensioning for CNC machines. Math for CNC programming and calculation of linear and circular interpolation will be covered.

This is an introductory course that will introduce the student to robotic arc welding and CNC cutting. It provides detailed instruction on the safe operation of robotic arc welding and CNC Plasma/Oxy-fuel cutting systems. Students will be required to program and perform various robotic arc welds with the GMAW process, program CNC equipment to perform cutting operations with both the plasma cutting process and oxy-fuel process on both plate and pipe. Also covered will be the use of a CNC plate marking system. Note: This is a hybrid course that combines the use of the computerized system you are currently using called NTER with in class lecture, laboratory exercises and experimentation. As a student in this course you will be either programming, operating, welding or cutting with industrial robotic or CNC equipment on most class days. The NTER portion of the course will help to enhance student learning provide instructions and structure to the course. All students are expected to attend all class sessions at the campus. Computers will be provided at the campus for use in this course. Please note that all course materials and content are provided in the IMS Common Cartridge (IMSCC) format. The content can be accessed by opening the IMSCC file using your organization's Learning Management System application (these include Blackboard, D2L, Canvas etc.). Additional information about accessing Common Cartridge files can be found on the IMS Global Web site: Future plans for the Skills Commons Web site include a feature that will allow users to view and download course content that is provided in the IMSCC format. Please refer to the "Enabling Others to Reuse Your Materials” page for more information: