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    Course Description: This is an advanced PLC courses based on the Allen Bradley ControlLogix platform.  The course consists of 3 sections: Ethernet communications and networking, DeviceNet networking, and Wonderware InTouch HMI development and communications.  Students will use the Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 programming software, with RSLinx Gateway, to communicate with primarily ControlLogix L71 type processors.  RSNetWorx for DeviceNet will also be used to configure a DeviceNet network.  Students will focus on learning these advanced technologies, as well as how to troubleshoot these networks and systems when communication fails.  Students will also have access to their own Virtual Machine that will have all of the software available 24/7, that they can create and modify their projects from home.  This will also include the Emulate 5000 software, which will allow students to run their programs in a processor outside of the on-campus PLC lab.  

    PLC210 Programmable Controller II

    Required Text:         
    Introduction to the ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller, 2nd Edition, by Gary Dunning.  ISBN: 978-0-8269-1226-8     

    Calculator; Safety Eyewear; DMM (approved by instructor); Memory Stick

    Course Objectives:

    After completing this course the student will be able to:

    The PLC220 course will consist of 8 competencies:


    Configure and troubleshoot Ethernet communications with ControlLogix.


    Configure and troubleshoot ControlLogix remote chassis communications via Ethernet


    Configure peer to peer communications with Message instructions, and producer/consumer tags.


    Configure a DeviceNet network to communicate with a ControlLogix platform.


    Troubleshoot a DeviceNet network controlled by a ControlLogix processor.


    Configure and troubleshoot DDE & OPC communications with the RSLinx application.


    Configure a Wonderware InTouch HMI application for PLC communication.


    Configure and troubleshoot a control system using the InTouch HMI, ControlLogix PLC, and DeviceNet I/O devices.