Project 2 GPS Correction

What type of GPS correction is best for the farm and why.  I’ll give examples of different grower situations where you tell me which kind of GPS correction would best fit the farmer and why.

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Subject one:

I operate on 400 acres of row crop and have a small herd of cattle.  I want a simple GPS system that will assist me in spraying and dry fertilizer applications.  What type of GPS should I have?

Subject two:

I operate on 5000 acres of row crop.  I want to be able to strip till.  I live in a remote area that has very spotty cell coverage.  What type of GPS should I have?

Subject three:

I operate 1000 acres of rolling dryland row crop.  I want to get the best signal for the money, but I am on a budget.  My 66 year old dad still helps on the farm, so I need a stable platform to operate with.  What GPS should I have? 

This assignment has a point value of:  20 points