Lab: (U3 M1) Tabletop Lab Microbe Diversity

In an online Lab, you do not have access to a microscope. Instead, you will go through a variety of exercises to better understand the basics of microscopy, microbial diversity, and comparative cell size.

You will need two documents to complete this Lab:

Tabletop Lab Procedures - Microbe Diversity (Google Doc)

CU3 M1 Lab Report (Google Doc)

  • It is recommended that you print out the Lab Procedures to facilitate ease of completion of the Lab Report.Once Your Lab Report is complete, you will take a Self-check and submit the report for grading.

You will need three resources in addition to the Lab procedures.

  1. To learn how to operate a microscope, you will be using a virtual microscope developed by the University of Delaware. Follow this link to access the virtual microscope: Virtual Microscope. (Webpage)
  2. To view some magnified representative bacteria specimens, you will watch some film clips posted here: Video: Microorganism Video Clips. (Canvas)
  3. To view some representative protists, you will watch this slideshow of protists: Video: Protist Slideshow. (Canvas)

For this Lab you will need the petri dishes that you cultured with bacteria 2 days prior to starting this Lab, as instructed at the beginning of this Credit Unit. In addition to the bacteria cultures, you will need the following "at home" supplies. Be sure to have these on hand when you are ready to start this Lab:

  • 5 large objects, such as bricks, blocks of wood or cans
  • Index cards and large marker
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