Module 3 Lecture Outline

Module 3 Lecture Outline: Producing 2D Toolpath, Post Processing and Generating G-Code

Selecting the Virtual Machine:

  • Mill
  • Choosing the proper post-processer
  • Orienting  the part within the WCS (triad)
  • Setting the origin, tool and construction planes
  • Selecting the type of toolpath required to generate the required geometry (Pockets, drill, contours, face, etc.)
  • Modifying the toolpaths for selected operations (drill peck cycles, roughing and finishing, incremental step-over and depth cuts, etc.)
  • Select tooling from tool library
  • Applying tooling filters
  • Modifying existing tool profiles (diameter, length, etc.)
  • Modifying speeds and feeds
  • Understand bounding boxes, tool settings and stock setups

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