Unit 4: Robotic Welding Introduction

Learning Module SCORM/AICC
Type: Learning Module SCORM/AICC  
Robotic Welding

The objectives of this unit are for the student to be able to:
  1. Know the safety requirements for and work safely with a robotic arc welding work cell.
  2. Read and interpret welding procedures and work instruction sheets.
  3. Know the set-up, operation and shutdown procedures for a 6 axis robotic arc welding system.
  4. Demonstrate startup procedures and proper loading of material into a 6 axis robotic arc welding system with turntable.
  5. Demonstrate the proper entry of required welding parameters as documented on a welding procedure for a 6 axis robotic arc welding system with turntable.
  6. Make various robotic arc welds.
  7. Demonstrate the proper unloading of material and and shut-down procedures for a 6 axis robotic arc welding system with turntable.

To-do List

  1. When your instructor lectures on this unit and demonstrates the safe use of this equipment, take complete notes being mindful of the seven objectives for this unit as stated above.
  2. Click on the Unit 4 Assignments link within the Activities box found on the left side of this page and follow the instructions.  Complete the assignments in the order given.  Take notes as necessary.
  3. Obtain a copy of the SWIC Robotic Welding Binder from your instructor and read it in its entirety.  Take notes as necessary being mindful of all safety requirements and the eight objectives for this unit.
  4. At the direction of your instructor, practice using the robotic welding system
  5. Prepare for testing on the seven unit objectives as noted above.  Your instructor will inform you of the testing schedule for this unit.
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