PA2 - 6b Assignment - Surety Maps 2



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  • Surety Maps Activity 2

Surety Maps Activity 2

Upload saved pdf’s or images into Surety Maps Assignment 2.
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  • Locate a farm field
  • Draw boundary
  • Label the farmstead
  • Create a chemical application form


Go to the following location 1926 27th Rd, Hollenberg KS  66946

This is what it should look like we will use this half section


  •  Draw the boundary around the entire half section

    • Print off the soil map for these fields

  • Locate the farm house on the section

    • Label with the words farmstead

    • Put the house symbol near the farm house

    • Create a pdf of the map the map with the above information

  • Using the above boundary create a chemical application form

    • Invoice Number – 3456

    • Owner/Operator – Your Name

    • Address – Address of field

    • Phone number – 402-555-2589

    • Field ID – Sally Southern Farm

    • Crop – Corn

    • Yield Goal – 250 bushels/acre

    • Growth Stage – V3

    • Crop Condition - Fair

Create a pdf of the form and post in the Assignment.